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ByBryant ReeveHelen Reeve

It is generally a good idea to return to the classics in any genre. This also goes for UFO literature. Rereading a book after ten or twenty years is a rewarding experience. You will discover new data and ideas you didn´t notice before. The reason, of course, is that you are, in many ways, not the same person reading the book the second or third time. Hopefully you have advanced in knowledge, experience, intellectual and spiritual discernment. A good starting point is to reread the contactee classics of the 1950s in order to understand the deeper mystery involved in what happened during that era. Bryant Reeve was American Engineer, a graduate of Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He and his wife Helen became interested in Saucers in 1953, and due to conflicting information and official denials decided to make their own investigation. Flying Saucer Pilgrimage is the story of their amazing private research which took two year's time and over 23,000 miles of travel.    Above photograph was taken in 1955 on the balcony of their apartment in Mexico City while they were investigating saucers South of the Border.This book was first published in 1957. Saucerian Publisher was founded with the mission of promoting books in Science Fiction. Our vision is to preserve the legacy of literary history by reprint editions of books which have already been exhausted or are difficult to obtain. Our goal is to help readers, educators and researchers by bringing back original publications that are difficult to find at reasonable price, while preserving the legacy of universal knowledge. This book is an authentic reproduction of the original printed text in shades of gray and may contain minor errors. Despite the fact that we have attempted to accurately maintain the integrity of the original work, the present reproduction may have minor errors beyond our control like: missing and blurred pages, poor pictures and markings. Because this book is culturally important, we have made available as part of our commitment to protect, preserve and promote knowledge in the world. 'This title was originally published in 1957. ___Copy and paste the link for our books: CONTENTS: 1 HOW IT ALL STARTED; 2 THE SAUCERERS START COMING TO DETROIT; 3 WE MEET TRUMAN BETHURUM; 4 DR. GEORGE HUNT WILLIAMSON; 5 DESMOND LESLIE COMES TO DETROIT; 6 WE HEAD FOR OLD MEXICO; 7 SAUCERS SOUTH OF THE BORDER; 8. NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS AND FLYING SAUCERS;


Publication Date
Jun 30, 2020
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By (author): Bryant Reeve, By (author): Helen Reeve



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