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A Malkin is Born - Vincennes - A Husband's Demotion (Text Editions)

3-Works describing European men reduced to service by the Eastern female

ByMalkin JamaliKurt Steiner

Three works of female-led fiction and domination open with the text edition of Malkin Jamali’s “A Malkin is Born”, as a devout and god-fearing Indian widow on the south coast of England is given the opportunity to realise her most fervent sexual fantasy. This when a close female friend from the Temple in which they worship describes a way to have what she wants without making a funeral pyre of her most cherished religious beliefs and shows her just what is possible with the right approach. An approach involving low animal cunning, manipulation, and a rigorous and iron-willed approach to bringing her most cherished dream to fruition. A cherished dream she is certain will not be regarded so favourably by the down-on-his luck Englishman who is about to become the target of that cunning and iron-willed manipulation. Next up, we have Kurt Steiner’s classic study of obsession and conditioning, “Vincennes”; in which a highly successful businessman, Vincent Vincennes, has his life dismantled around him by a lowly Indian waitress in a way more humiliating and enduring than anything Somerset Maugham envisaged in his own tale dealing with a similar theme… And there will be NO happy ending! Finally, comes Hillary Marshall’s “A Husband’s Demotion”; in which a wife conspires with her young Indian widow and neighbour to make something considerably less of a once-proud husband… A once-proud husband they both dream of dominating and, in the neighbour’s case, owning… And they have more than enough ammunition to see their warped dreams and intentions realised. Believable and erotic, fantasy-led fiction for the devotee of the commanding women of the East.


Publication Date
Oct 18, 2020
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By (author): Malkin Jamali, By (author): Kurt Steiner, By (author): Hillary Marshall



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