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Live Like a Lifestar

ByHolly Shantara

Inside each of us is the potential and gift to live life by our own design. Yet, most of us have trouble mastering life in ways that match out true ideals. The journey can get confusing and overwhelming when we forget to remember our true purpose and the desires of our heart and soul. This material provides powerful wisdom and compelling direction in this age of emerging leaders. In this book, LifeStar Leader, Coach and Mentor, Holly Shantara offers a road map, life compass and her 25+ years experience as an Expert Energy Intuitive guide to the quest. She teaches a lifestyle design system that shows you how to begin to integrate life with your soulful self. Her book is for those Emerging Leaders, Conscious Entrepreneurs & Rebels with a Cause, that know they have a purpose, are here to their gifts to the world and Live, Love, Lead and Thrive!


Publication Date
Apr 24, 2017
Personal Growth
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By (author): Holly Shantara



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