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Straw and the Doctrine of the Ashfolk

Straw and the Doctrine of the Ashfolk

ByHonolulu Polkadot

In this wonderful young adult, Christian children's book, written by the Somewhat Mysterious Author, Honolulu Polkadot and illustrated by Aurora Pena, you will follow the young Scarecrow Straw Stickpost as he discovers that he has been chosen to do more than he ever thought himself capable of. Only if he can find courage and faith can he succeed in rising to his calling. The Christian children's book is set in a world full of the hateful doctrine of the Ashfolk, bounty-hunting Skabb pirates, ship-hungry sea creatures, and steam-powered beasts, Straw must face his most horrifying fears and rise to be what he is destined to become. This book has a timely message. The message of the Christian children's book is one of acceptance and teaches our children that by accepting others for their differences we become stronger. NOW ALSO AVAILABLE ON AUDIBLE.COM Get your audiobook fully dramatized version of Straw and the Doctrine of the Ashfolk today!


Publication Date
Nov 27, 2016
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Honolulu Polkadot



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