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The Power of Silence: An interpretation of life in its relation to health and happiness

ByHoratio W. Dresser

THIS volume is the first of a series of studies of the inner life the main purpose of which is twofold. The point of approach is from the side of practical experience, and the first object is the development of a practical method. But, incidentally, it is hoped that the facts and values of this practical study may be of service to philosophy. In fact, the production of these volumes was begun with the conviction that philosophy and life may be brought nearer, that practical interests put new demands upon philosophy; while the practical man may be greatly benefited by the study of idealistic first principles. Hence the point of view is midway between the world of exact thinking and the world of actual living. The interest is not primarily psychological; nor is it ethical or religious. Yet all of these interests play a part. For the conventional systems often fail to make clear precisely how a man should begin to live the better life.


Publication Date
Jun 20, 2005
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Horatio W. Dresser



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