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The Ear, Music, and Math

ByHTHMA Class of 2010

What is the relationship between music, the ear, and math? This book begins with math and the fascinating world of trigonometry. We then explore how sound travels and how the ear and the brain work together to create a sensation of sound. What is OSHA? Ever wondered how singers get different tones and pitches? When you get older, your voice tends to change, why is that? What is Pythagorean Tuning and the Western Scale? What's the difference between Consonance and Dissonance? Harmonics? Musical instruments are fascinating. How do musicians who play in the string, wind, and percussion section know which notes to hit? How do amplifiers work? What are auditory acoustics and how are they taken into account during construction of musical venues. Perplexed by the Doppler Effect? We’ll take a look at all this and more in THE EAR, MUSIC, AND MATH


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
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By (author): HTHMA Class of 2010



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