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Einstein Mistake: Fate of the Sun

ByIgor Kryan

Perhaps, Albert Einstein was the smartest man who ever lived on this planet. His Theory of Relativity was proven correct over and over again. Yet, he made one fatal mistake, that will doom us all. Einstein's theory of special relativity says that gravity can bend time and curve space. Also, depending on your speed, time can move faster or slower but it's always moving in one direction. Albert always thought that time is interwoven into space, while Igor Kryan has discovered: that time and space do not exist at all but universe is expanding and this universal expansion of space create the illusion of time and space. If Universe expansion stops - time will stop as well. If Universe begin to shrink time will go backwards. Therefore, time is an illusion, a mere reflection of an expansion process. Since 4 Billion BC universal expansion accelerates and time accelerates as well. Einstein's oversight and implications of this discovery brings us to the doorsteps of the local apocalypse, not trillion years away, but within ours and our children lives. A new stone age instead of progress. Read this book to discover the coming event that will eclipse the Dinosaur extinction.


Publication Date
May 7, 2020
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Igor Kryan



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