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ByIgor Kryan

All I am offering is a scientifically based truth - nothing more. This book will forever change your mind about many things. Read and discover the real answers for the following questions: What are the Earth nearest and distant future preparing for us? What causing of asthma, influenza and some other illnesses? How and when will the Earth magnetic poles flip occur? What creating such powerful hurricanes like Katrina? Where did life in the Universe come from? What scientists do not want you to know? Where did life on the Earth come from? Why is the global warming happening? How did our solar system appear? When does the doomsday come? What is going on with our Sun? Why did Neanderthals extinct? What is the comic time bomb? Was there any life on Mars? Why did dinosaurs die out? What makes life possible? Is asteroids threat real? Why did Ice Age occur? What are UFOs?


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Igor Kryan



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