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Theory of Unthinkable: The Day We Killed God

ByIgor Kryan

I always thought that my book Illuminati Secret Knowledge: Future Beyond Your Wildest Dreams was the greatest book I ever wrote and I still think so, but once my readers saw Theory of Unthinkable: The Day We Killed God - they said this book exceeds everything ever created by any author. They believe that manuscript was not written by human but by an alien because it is so different from any other earth book. Here, science fiction and theory of relativity are intertwined with religion, reincarnation and holographic universe. The universe that was created by whom? How our creator looked like and, most importantly, why he or she created a world that is full of suffering, inequalities and atrocities? Heroes of this prophetic book embark on a journey that will take several lifetimes to solve millennia old enigma. Unexpectedly, they come to a conclusion that we all live in a holographic simulation run by an entity or entities that are hell-bent on ending human race failed experiment, despite they are being worshipped all across the globe. The problem is that God exists in an entirely different dimension, using digital avatars only to visit our world and does not comply with any universal laws of physics. It will take Theory of Unthinkable to do something so monumental that no one would even dare to think today - to kill God.


Publication Date
May 17, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Igor Kryan



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