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Vital Benefits and Uses of Water Leaf

ByIkechukwu Oduah

Waterstar’s leaves(Water leaf) come in many shades of green, from a light gnastheen to the deep green colour of the peace pine needles. Once its tiny seeds nestle in the bed of a river with clear streaming water, roots take hold and soon stalks shoot up towards the water surface. There are many variations of the plant all over Sarvonia, which differ in the sizes and shapes of their leaves, but generally it can be described this way: Pale green leaves grow out of the stalks, alternately on each side at a distance of two nailsbreadths. The leaves themselves are about four nailsbreadths long and two broad. They are flat and thin, sit on a short stem, have a rounded base, but an acuminate tip. Their tiny veins give them a delicate structure. The taller a stalk grows, the more it is exposed to the river current, which will bend it into a horizontal position. The stalks can reach a length of up to three peds - but as the plant wants to grow towards the light as most do, "branches" sprout upwards out of the horizontal floating stalks, and light green leaves emerge which get darker with time. Then the current bends these new offshoots as well, new stalks grow out of these, and so forth. So a bed of Waterleaves can very well reach a height of nearly a ped, depending on the depth of the creek. The oldest leaves, those close to the bottom of the river, are of the darkest green; the younger a leaf, the lighter its hue. Benefits of Waterleaf and uses include used in clothing industries to dye fabrics, used to boost libido in men and women when eaten, used as fodder crop in feeding farm animals etc.


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Jan 15, 2022
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Ikechukwu Oduah



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