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A Light in Darkness

ByInez Brinkley

There’s a serial killer loose, killing the women from Bourbon street, and Joseph, a vice cop, has to find out who’s behind it. Each one is killed the same way, a small knife wound to the heart, almost as if it was made with a dagger. Each of the victims had rope burns on their wrists and ankles. There was no doubt about it; these were ritualistic killings, sacrifices. Now they had Jennie, the woman Joseph loved more than life, and it was up to him to find out where their cult’s headquarters was, where they held his beloved Jennie, before it was too late. A Light in Darkness is a mystery novel, but it is also a love story of the passionate love between Jennie and Joseph, a love that even the forces of darkness could not stop, as they fulfill the destiny that God had called them to. A Light in Darkness is the prequel to Embracing the Light. A Light in Darkness is the beginning. The beginning of their love, the beginning of the adventure.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Inez Brinkley



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