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7 Keys to Successful Entrepreneurship: Discover the secrets and strategies for better results on the road to entrepreneurship

ByInfo de Vida

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Have you noticed that some entrepreneurs seem to have success on their side? Did you know that many of the successful entrepreneurs share similar characteristics? Would you like to know the secrets and strategies to have better results on the path of entrepreneurship? In this book you will find the 7 fundamental keys to successful entrepreneurship, which apply whether you already have a business in progress or if you are thinking about entrepreneurship and are a person focused on the IS and looking for solutions. The first key before starting is to establish and define the financial future you want to achieve in order to have and maintain the lifestyle you want, to achieve your financial independence, that is, freedom of time and money. The second key is how to develop a successful mentality, educating the mind so that it starts working for you most of the time. You will also learn what common characteristics successful entrepreneurs have and share. The third key is to generate passive income sources, motivating you to start your projects now, what to do to make a business profitable and sustainable over time, defining the sales target and the ideal customer. The fourth key contemplates powerful strategies to sell more, besides adding value to others, managing to monetize a business is the natural cycle on which each entrepreneurship must be based. The fifth key is about systematizing and creating procedures to automate the business, with the aim of delegating tasks and having more free time to spend with the family, to create other projects, to improve what is offered, to innovate, or to do anything you want. The sixth key understands how to distribute money for effective financial management, through personal and business budgeting, as financial education is the basis for the economic success of projects. The seventh key is considered one of the most important, which is based on taking care of your health to have more energy. As entrepreneurs, it is vital to be full of energy and feel good to perform daily activities, with the aim of increasing productivity and creativity. All the content is designed to encourage you to analyze the benefits of implementing each of the 7 keys that will help you in your venture through a positive and analytical language. Success is a result and you can get it too. Find out now. See you inside!


Publication Date
Jul 26, 2022
Business & Economics
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By (author): Info de Vida


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