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Diary of Soul-To My Brother

ByInvisible Girl

I have been dreaming of a man who could be my father and lover. Introverted and isolated,I have no friends in real life. What connects me with the outside world is a small box-like computer. Every day I stare emptily at the screen, pray faithfully,"Dad,please come out", and one time he eventually popped out.I got the feelings back after losing father in early age. By frequent chatting,he became the closest man. In 5 years waiting,he finally came to me from a far western country!I took hold of his hand tightly and hugged him indulgently,shedding contented tears, praying he would always be my dad and a fatherly boyfriend. He left quietly as he came, and news arrived soon-he died in Darfur. Hearing of it,I got insane and lost job. Six months later when being told he was still alive,I was much happier than shocked. He doesn’t belong to me as a father, nor does he belong to me as a man. I have to return to square one-sitting in front of my small box, and dreaming of another "father and boyfriend".


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
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By (author): Invisible Girl



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