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Beyond the Crazy Water

Beyond the Crazy Water of Biblical Feast Keeping

ByIsaac Garvin

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Getting in the river of keeping the Biblical Feasts was meant to be simple. It should be a simple as, well, jumping into a river. But it’s not. Thanks to people. Thanks to mostly well-intentioned but mostly blind people. The problem, as I see it, is that there are just way too many knuckleheads in the river. The shallow water right next to the bank tends to be crowded with the thick-headed and the stiff-necked. These people are not flowing with the river, but are rather wading upstream following little eddies, searching for pretty rocks, generally avoiding the deeper water. In a word, dabbling. And, there is a lot of talk, a lot of positioning, a lot of claims being made as to who was first in the river, who has been in the river the longest, who is qualified to interpret and teach about the river. In fact, that is about ALL that is really going on; just a lot of talk. People are full of talk about the Mo’edim, but few are actually doing them. We are not meant to study the Mo’edim we are meant to do them. We are meant to jump into the deep water and be carried away. "I couldn't put your book down, beyond the crazy water. I read it all in one day, for me that's amazing. I thought surely it climaxed for me on page 48, " The feasts are a space that we can occupy together with Elohim in real time". But then it just kept getting better. Bravo, well-spoken. What Ali said on the back of the book is so true. I am greatly inspired, and hope you continue writing. When I catch up on bills I'm going to be ordering a bunch of these. How can I have been so silly to think I was the only one who thinks like you do, but i am sure it is the same Spirit of Yahuah moving on our hearts for His designs." – DeDe


Publication Date
Nov 23, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Isaac Garvin


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