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Way of the Warrior: Core Rulebook - 2nd Edition

Way of the Warrior: Core Rulebook - 2nd Edition

ByIsaac McIntyre

A lot of work has gone into this Rulebook, this manual to create an adventuring game that welcomes both veteran players and people who are first picking up dice, RPGs and releasing their imagination. All you really need is three six sided dice for each player, a Game Master, this book and a lot of imagination. A big part of the story and adventure is imagination, so, unlike other books and rules, we’ve refrained from putting any pictures in. We want you to create the world, every sword blow, every forest clearing, every city street and every majestic view from the top of the mountains. This is what we seek for the player. And remember this game is designed for fun. If you don’t get as much loot as you’d like, or the class you want isn’t accessible through your rolls, if your class isn’t as powerful as your friends, or the enemies seem to difficult at first, don’t think of the negatives. So if it’s becoming hard, take a break, maybe try a different game before returning to it. And most of all just have fun!


Publication Date
Sep 9, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Isaac McIntyre



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