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The Wedding

ByIsmail Kadare

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In the wake of Comrade Enver Hoxha's February 7, 1967 programmatic speech, which catalysed a monumental drive of revolution, Ismail Kadare's "The Wedding" captures the fervent spirit of social transformation. Kadare's narrative mirrors the revolutionary ethos of the time, depicting a society hurtling forward, discarding antiquated ideologies and embracing the tenets of a new era. Through the lens of various characters, Kadare explores the multifaceted challenges and triumphs of socialist Albanian society, including the creative endeavours of the working class, the struggle against entrenched worldviews, the battle against bureaucracy and the ongoing process of social education and re-education. By portraying the masses themselves as the heroes, rather than focussing on individual protagonists, Kadare underscores the mass nature of the revolution and the indispensable role of each member of society in shaping its course. Central to Kadare's narrative is the overarching theme of progress and industrialization, symbolized by the burgeoning socialist ethos and the transformative power of modern society. Kadare envisions industrial centres as crucibles of social revolution, where outdated norms are melted away and the moral fabric of the new socialist society is forged. Through vivid imagery and allegorical storytelling, Kadare extols the virtues of progress, heralding a future where the ideals of socialism flourish. "The Wedding" emerges as a testament to the changing times, urging writers to adopt new modes of expression that reflect the dynamism of the present while discarding antiquated literary conventions. In essence, Kadare's work served as a literary beacon, guiding Albania towards a future defined by innovation, mass endeavour and the relentless pursuit of progress.


Publication Date
Mar 2, 2024
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By (author): Ismail Kadare


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