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Selected Works of I.V. Michurin

Selected Works of I.V. Michurin

ByI.V. MichurinLaika Press

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The works of I.V. Michurin, both his complete works and various miscellanies, have been published in many editions in the Russian language. Taking into account the enormous worldwide interest in the teachings of I.V. Michurin at the time, especially in connection with the work of the session of the Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the U.S.S.R. held in July—August of 1948, where Academician Lysenko’s report On the Situation in Biological Science was discussed, Foreign Languages Publishing House (Moscow) considered it timely to publish selected works of I.V. Michurin, so as to afford the foreign reader an opportunity to aquaint theirself with them. The present volume is a faithful reproduction of the original Foreign Languages Publishing House edition which — due to a worldwide resurgence of interest in Michurinism and Lysenkoism as well as Soviet science in general — Laika Press was compelled to republish for posterity. As in the original, this volume includes a part of Michurin’s theoretical and methodological works, pomological descriptions of a number of varieties bred by him and a series of articles reflecting the great public activity of this remarkable scientist. For the convenience of the readers, the articles are arranged according to theme and within the thematic section they are given in chronological order. Part of the Soviet Science Series by Laika Press


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Aug 21, 2022
Science & Medicine
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By (author): I.V. Michurin, Edited by: Laika Press


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