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The Forge Wife

ByJ Dalling

A woman was little more than an animal, in Medieval times. The captured women of soldiers were booty, and made into slaves to do the bidding of their master. Women had no rights, were but playthings and sex could be gotten from them as easily as pouring a drink to quench one’s thirst. Women were swapped and experimented on, they were not considered citizens. A woman’s plea was not heard, her pain was not shared because there were no other women around to hear her. This is the story of one such woman, CJ, her life and torment, and how she eventually changed her life and those of the women around her. Be prepared for a tale you could not prepare for; enter the mind of a sensual woman who had so much more to give a world that was not ready for her. “Beautiful, exotic, astounding; it is rare to find a gripping story with this depth of emotion and sensuality from a time when women had no right to tell stories.”


Publication Date
Sep 27, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): J Dalling



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