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Children of the Swamp

ByJ. Ferdinand Rizza

This story depicts the life of an urban poet, who after encountering a family of swamp dwellers becomes obessed with the swamp, its fishing and its people. This novel was conceived at a time when the author's life had stalled out and was starving for adventure. Experiencing writer's block, the writer ventured out into the swamp to clear his head, but instead winds up on a quest for the "catch of a lifetime". He was led by the locals on an adventure that any adventurer would have envied, in a place only an artist could have imagined. This novel reads itself and appeals to fishermen, outdoorsmen, and nature lovers alike. The author's writing style is unique. The character development is excellent, the storyline embracing, and the metaphor captivating. It is laced with prose and poetry throughout thus drawing the reader deeper and deeper into the swamp. For the adventurer and the adventurer at heart this novel is a "must read". It is now time for you to meet the "Children of the Swamp".


Publication Date
Sep 27, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): J. Ferdinand Rizza



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