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Improve and Develop Your Mentalism

ByJack Goldstein

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Jack Goldstein is a mentalist and writer who has travelled extensively for over 4 decades. During that time he has met, studied and performed with many top names around the globe. This book is a collaboration with many of his professional colleagues, with content designed to improve and develop your mentalism. The Foreword by Phedon Bilek covers many things about Jack’s work and his approach to mentalism and travel. Phedon also contributes a new effect not released before. There are over 30 contributors including Alex Alejandro, Aaron Alexander, Pablo Amira, Phedon Bilek, Paul Brook, Toby Davies, Steve Drury, Mark Elsdon, Shawn Farquhar, Curtis Foster, Jack Goldstein, Reese Goodley, Steve Gore, Paul Hallas, Manos Kartsakis, Mohamed Khaled, Timon Krause, Patrick Kuffs, Drew McAdam, Joe Miller, Ken Muller, Michael Murray, Chris Philpott, Joshua Quinn, Rolyan, George Rumsey, Morgan Strebler, Paul Sunderland, Peter Turner, Luca Volpe and Stephen Young. The 25 effects cover close up, cabaret and stage, using pendulums, cards, coins, phones, DVDs, booktests, readings, headline prediction, ACAAN, think of a country, predictions and so much more. The 15 essays include 'Ultimate Soft Selling', 'Building Appeal', 'Propless or More', 'Making the Participant the Star', 'Meaningful Mentalism', 'Philosophy of Magic' and many others designed to improve your performance and develop a successful business. Tools include cold readings, envelopes, peeks, forces, P.A.T.E.O. and others. Whether you're a performer wanting new material or a deep thinker wanting essays to inform you and challenge your thinking there is something here for every serious mentalist. 100% of Jack’s profits from this book are going to Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY) in Bolivia, a charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of wildlife that has fallen victim to illegal trafficking and other harm.


Publication Date
Feb 16, 2022
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By (author): Jack Goldstein


Interior Color
Executive (7 x 10 in / 178 x 254 mm)

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