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Energy Balancing with Faith (color hardcover)

Energy Balancing with Faith (color hardcover)

A Guide to Achieving Wellness Through Balancing Your Energy and Emotions

ByJade Balden

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Energy Balancing with Faith is a guide to applying your faith in order to heal emotionally, balance your internal energy, overcome trauma, and spiritually live at a higher level of health, happiness, and joy. This book will teach you Jade Balden’s ten-step method for energy balancing based in faith in God and personal growth and development. Become empowered, free, and deeply happy and confident in life. Overcome feelings of helpless, conflicted, and frustration Learn how to overcome blocks and limitations Address common health and emotion concerns Master energy balancing The Energy Balancing with Faith steps include the following: invite the participant to connect to God, use muscle testing to tap into the subconscious mind and probe for issues and root causes, develop love and purpose in life, become humble and submissive to a higher influence in life, identify underlying emotional and energetic needs and concerns, read the body to discover and assess areas of imbalance, release emotional baggage, discover and resolve childhood trauma and issues, correcting beliefs in falsehoods with correct understanding and truth, using essential oils and other tools to discover and absolve energetic dissonance, and develop and cultivate gratitude for God, life, and everything that has happened to you. Unlock your potential Balance your life Get unstuck Break through blocks 10 Steps for Balancing Muscle Testing Personal Development Read body messages


Publication Date
May 13, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Jade Balden


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