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Bunty Broadhurst and The Mystery of Harriet House

ByJames F. Park

‘Come on Bunty, you can do it, you know you can so stop messing about like an old woman who forgot where she left her glasses only to find them where she usually left them and that’s on the top of your brain box. Well done, so what are you going to do now and it’d better not be something that will land you in hot water like the last time you’d thought of becoming the heroine because we all know that you’re not the heroine type, don’t we Bunty, and you’ll never ever be the heroine because everyone knows that deep down you’re a coward and if medals were being dished out for that then your chest wouldn’t be wide enough to accommodate all the ones you’d have won so what are you going to do about that. Hey numpty, are you even listening to me because if you’re only pretending to be asleep you know that I’ll play havoc with your wee grey brain cells when you do nod off and you know where that led to the last time you tried to outfox me, don’t you, because you, as usual, failed miserably, didn’t you, I said didn’t you? Hey….’ And that was all her latest dream had time to say…


Publication Date
Jul 16, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): James F. Park



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