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Anunnaki Return, Star Nations and the Days to Come

ByJames Gilliland

Anunnaki Return is a book that can truly change the world. It is hidden and forbidden knowledge about our true origins, the greater family of man and the destiny of Earth to join its ancient ancestors in peace. There is a war going on between those who are self-serving and those in service to others. There will come a time very shortly where all will have to choose which side of the fence they will act out their final days. As the Hopi prophecies stated there will be a separation of worlds. Those who chose self service and misuse technology, those who act against Universal Law and those who act in a way that is harmful to humanity and the Earth will not see the next world. Those who choose service to others living a life in harmony with each other and nature will continue. The Earth is ascending.


Publication Date
Feb 24, 2016
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): James Gilliland



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