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Catholic Churchmen in Science

Sketches of the Lives of Catholic Ecclesiastics Who Were Among the Great Founders in Science

ByJames J. Walsh

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The following sketches of the lives of clergymen who were great scientists have appeared at various times during the past five years in Catholic magazines. They were written because the materials for them had gradually accumulated during the preparation of various courses of lectures, and it seemed advisable to put them in order in such a way that they might be helpful to others working along similar lines. They all range themselves naturally around the central idea that the submission of the human reason to Christian belief, and of the mind and heart to the authority of the church, is quite compatible with original thinking of the highest order, and with that absolute freedom of investigation into physical science, which has only too often been said to be quite impossible to churchmen. For this reason friends have suggested that they should be published together in a form in which they would be more easy of consultation than when scattered in different periodicals. it so happens that a number of prom­inent original investigators in modern science were not only thoroughly orthodox in their re­ligious beliefs, but were even faithful clergymen and guiding spirits for others in the path of Christianity. The names of those who are in­cluded in the present volume is the best proof of this. The series of sketches was written at vari­ous times, and yet there was a central thought guiding the selection of the various scientific workers. It is hoped that this volume, without being in any sense controversial, may tend to throw light on many points that have been the subject of controversy; and by showing how absolutely free these great clergymen scientists were to pursue their investigations in science, it may serve to demonstrate how utterly unfounded is the prejudice that would declare that the eccle­siastical authorities of these particular centuries were united in their opposition to scientific ad­vance.


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May 18, 2021
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): James J. Walsh


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