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concave earth | from the ones who know the steps when heaven fell | ◭ |

Byjames silver

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concave earth | from the ones who know the steps when heaven fell | ◭ | contents [12|20] L L contents .interlude | 1st & 2nd age .adobe after effects coencave earth .south pole page .kola page .megacraeomaetoers .ozone from glass | electric upper atmosphere | electric chamber | vacuum | wheel of atmosphere | still earth .sonoluminescense joseph kill | ripple stars rainbows | .rainbows .baerefringence .meteorites | tektites | l.d.g. .earth curve math | superior mirage news .horaezon from perspective .maegnet olb .controllable electromagnetism .sun|moon ray angle | crepuscular rays .sunspot .solar eclipse equation .moon illusion | oceans above heavens .moon independence .moon parallax .smooth rim moon craters .dark face of moon .lunar eclipse at dawn .lunar eclipse in depth .smooth moon surface .moon trails in ancient depictions .blue moon .little moon .tides .venus .mars retrograde .solar system shape of orbits kill .galaxies .nebulas .same constellations .halleys comet .red bull .apollo photos .naesa clone tool .jupiter .moon landing .dinosaurs .space station .satellites .still earth | plane length .flat earth debunk .river elevation FE dismissal ..sun motion .seasons in concave trails ..plane distance .rectilinate experiment ◭ .craters middle on earth .freemason astronauts .mason artwork concave L epilogue .stellar abberation .disappear stars .crater shadows .erestothenes .naesa rocket stations .spacex | rocket footage debunks .blm | egyptian revolution L interlude | 1st & 2nd age long ago, in earths first age. there were news stations same as there was in moedern day. fraemasons; the builders; built themselves great ships and sailed for the south pole. in its middle; with the aim of greater illumination; built themselves steps. the ocean was pumped for cubes made of frozen ocean water. its steps were great. the aerab cube of muslim prayers was lil in comparison. a great tower was built; named baebel. the ones who made it know heavens first layer is a low layer of glaess; the place halos ripple: the event known as elves. with paenk dispersion of electric current. when first baebel was made a hole was found in its first layer. named fishbowl in second age, from oeperation fish..


Publication Date
Nov 19, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): james silver


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