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Hunt For Success

Hunt For Success

A Step-by-Step Strategy to Escape from Mind Prison

ByJames Warner

'DON'T CHASE SUCCESS. DECIDE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, AND SUCCESS WILL FIND YOU.' It's hard to find the prison we have kept ourselves in. Even if we do, it becomes extremely difficult to break it. The book will provide a step-by-step strategy that you can adopt to pave your path toward your success. - Gather the courage to shake off the piles of ice burdening your back and widen your arms to hear the rustle of your wings while flying high above in the sky! - Evaluate your prisons, mark the hardships and set some goals that can ultimately lead you to the place where you want to be, work in steps to achieve every little dream and boom; meet the new you at the end of the road! This is the essence of one of my friend's struggling years and the way she lifted herself from the deep puddles to touch the mountain tops. If she can do it, I'm sure her memoir can help you too. Click Buy Now and Start Your Transformative Journey!


Publication Date
Aug 17, 2022
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): James Warner



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