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Will the West Accept its New Competitors in the Persian Gulf?

ByJameson T. Loyal

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In the long-industrialized Western world and the less advanced countries of the Persian Gulf, it is evident that each entity holds an important role in shaping its own economy, as well as that of the rest of the world. Globalization of media and the resultant cultural diffusion has created an atmosphere where diverse ideas can be freely exchanged by these as well as other cultures. Exchange, however, does not guarantee acceptance. Entrenched beliefs have historically resisted alteration. Just how destructive have these basic misunderstandings and lack of knowledge of Middle Eastern culture been, in dealing with this rich and important region in shaping the global economy and world politics? At the moment, we can only judge this in hindsight. With a better understanding of the Middle Eastern countries, the West, particularly the United States, will be able to develop and maintain a healthier, more productive relationship that will positively impact keeping the peace in this volatile area.


Publication Date
Aug 19, 2007
Business & Economics
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By (author): Jameson T. Loyal


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