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Rebuilding America

Rebuilding America

A Liberal Proposal For A Post-Trump Social Revolution To Save America

ByMatthew FaustusJamie Ray

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Four years under President Donald J. Trump has brought nothing but havoc and destruction to America. It is no longer the home of the free, but the home of a kult of white privilege. The home of poverty. The home of the brainwashed. The home of death. This must change. America was taken over by Russia who rigged the election of 2016 and put into power their fascist racist puppet. Freedom was declared dead and buried as authoritarian rule clamped down on America. From his first acts as President Trump stomped on America, stomped on everything President Obama and Vice-President Biden created, and left the whole country for dead. America is now laying on the ground asking for a last drink of water to ease its last breath. America's citizens are dying in the streets, its economy broken, homelessness and starvation and unemployment are a normal way of life, businesses have been destroyed, whole communities have been burned to the ground, and fear grips the nation as membership in racist kults is considered a virtue. The damage to America from Trump is far worse than W, or even the Civil War! The time is now to repair the damage and move forward. There will be no second chance to save the dying nation! If there is a window for recovery it is small, immediate and the work is back-breaking, and even a bit frightening and overwhelming. Yet, the fight must occur if there is any chance of survival. America doesn't have to breath its last breath in 2021. This book puts forth a liberal platform saving America and rebuilding an America centered on progressive values. It is a call to arms. (1st Edition published January 2021, just days into the Biden-Harris Administration.)


Publication Date
Jan 25, 2021
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Matthew Faustus, By (author): Jamie Ray


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

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