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Thirty Years as a Volunteer Treasurer

ByJan Young

Many small volunteer and non-profit organizations have their own sources of funds, but do not have the resources to employ professional accountants to keep the books. Usually a volunteer steps in and agrees to do the work. Commonly, the organization’s treasurer takes custody of its funds, assures that they are securely and profitably invested, manages inflows and expenses, deals with and manages obligations to the government, and prepares reports. The organization expects integrity, precision, consistency and reliability in return and judges the treasurer’s performance accordingly. Becoming a volunteer treasurer can involve a significant learning curve. Jan Young spent thirty years as treasurer for a small church and experienced it in full. His book is intended to help both the new and the experienced volunteer treasurer by presenting a primer on the required methods and procedures and by including a number of valuable recommendations on taxes, budgets, audits and more.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Business & Economics
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By (author): Jan Young



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