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The History of England

The History of England

ByJane Austen

Forget Mr Darcy, Jane’s got her teeth into the Kings and Queens of England. The author of Pride & Prejudice was just 15 when she wrote this hilarious parody of school history books, but her quick wit shines through. Richard III may have murdered his nephew, but "I am rather inclined to suppose him a Very Respectable Man", Lady Jane Grey is dismissed as an airhead and the only good word Jane has for Henry VIII is that he was not as bad as daughter Elizabeth. Not published until a century after her death, this witty and lively comedy was a family secret for generations. Previously known by academics, the book at last gets a wider audience. Anyone who loves a light hearted romp through history. Some critics dubbed this the Monty Python of its day, and modern readers will discover that Jane Austen would have been as much at home with Blackadder and Baldrick as Mrs Bennet and Lady Catherine. With a new introduction by Sophie-Ann Devonshire and illustrations by Jane's sister Cassandra.


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Oct 1, 2011
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By (author): Jane Austen



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