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My story

ByJasmin Hajro

Get to know this great guy... Who wrote 40 booklets.. Who sells greetingcards.. Who started his own company.. Who helps people with their money and happiness Who donates to charity.. And keeps on fighting... Learn how he got thru the corona crisis and how he overcame his tough times.. Must read for self improvement... It's weird time... How did I get through it ? What did I do, being a business owner and author... In this whitepaper & book I tell you all about it ... The book will help you get through all kinds of times.. The book that I did not want to write. Including painful moments and tough times. But I did it anyway, and it helps you to relativize & overcome your tough times. Piece from the book: Aging sucks It sucks, right? Every year, you become a year older. I thought so too. And I especially disliked to become 30 years old. Because I had heard or thought that you are after your thirtieth year, declining. That everything is declining and doesn't function well. And I thought about the time when I will be 80 years old, and nothing functions anymore, to kill myself one way or another. Until someone said: The older you get, the better it is. Some children do not even become 10 years old. Some people don't make it to 18 years old. But you are 30 or 40 or 50 years and having another birthday & you can live for another year. How a great gift is that ... You can do and experience so much. And enjoy. Be happy about it. The older you get, the better it is. Learn to happily grow older & overcome your difficulties & your tough times My setbacks, tough times and comebacks from real life...


Publication Date
Sep 10, 2020
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By (author): Jasmin Hajro



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