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The Instrumental Spectrometric and Spectroscopic Analysis of Natural Food Flavourings Volume III - Natural Food Flavourings

ByDr. Nick Winstone-CooperJasmine Tripconey

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This is the final volume of a series of three books which takes the reader from the concept of a hard, indivisible atom through to the application of techniques to identify the exact structure of twenty five natural food flavourings. The volume builds on an introduction to atomic and molecular structure in Volume I which assumes no prior knowledge of the reader but which is developed in Volume II to develop an understanding of the instrumental, spectroscopic and spectrometric, techniques necessary to understand the structure of small molecules. It builds on the understanding of the concepts of the representation and naming of molecular structures, optical activity, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and our current understanding of odour and taste which is, of course, essential in the appreciation of natural food flavourings This volume contains a full analysis of eight natural food flavourings in which the empirical and instrumental data is used to establish the full structure of the molecules. There then follow twenty five molecules all of which follow the same format. The empirical data is presented with a number of pages presenting the spectroscopic and spectrometric information as a task followed by a complete explanation of the determination of the molecules which involves a detailed analysis of the NMR spectra..


Publication Date
Dec 1, 2020
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Dr. Nick Winstone-Cooper, By (author): Jasmine Tripconey


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Black & White
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