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Mediocrates: The Lost Philosopher of Athens

ByJason Childress

Who was Mediocrates, the “lost philosopher” of Athens? Who was the old woman who prophesied at his birth, and what did she say? What was the secret hidden from Mediocrates by his own mother, and why? And who was the mysterious man lurking in the shadows of Mediocrates life—the man who would one day change his destiny? Now, for the first time, biographer Jason Childress takes you behind the gilded curtain of Greece’s golden age, back to a time of splendor and sorrow, beauty and tragedy, wisdom and folly; a time when the wonders of the ancient world were still young; a time of mighty leaders and cruel tyrants, rival city-states warring for ascendancy, democracy struggling to emerge; a time when the myths and legends of Greek antiquity gave way to history. This is the story of a man time forgot, but has now remembered again: a man once deemed insignificant, but who now commands the attention of the world; a man with a unique destiny, a destiny no one--not even the gods themselves--foresaw.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
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By (author): Jason Childress



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