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The TimeLordz Movement

ByJason Roberts

The Timelordz Movement This book contains a whole new paradigm in the way to perceive the world in regards to our current time restraints. We have been nerfed and suffer from stunted growth in all sectors due to time based control systems. I give many solutions to overcome our time restraints inside this book. It utilizes ancient universal laws of nature that have been in place since the beginning of life itself, and have never left, only misperceived in the modern human world. "Life feeds on Life". Timelordz is a way to maximize human potential. The TimeLordz Movement is a hope. It’s a way for an average person to tip the scales in humanity’s favor for more equality and a more technologically advanced civilization in the near future. To explain the TimeLordz Movement simply, “A person provides food, shelter, water, and electricity to a gifted and fierce individual, thereby allowing this recruit to spend all of their time on doing something beneficial for humanity.” I have been studying and analyzing the world for the past twenty five years. I am a man in his early forties who has seen and experienced many things. I have spent a lot of time trying to find answers on how society operates, how and why everything is set up the way it is. The TimeLordz Movement is the product of my life, experience and twenty five years of in depth analysis and research. I put all the pieces of the puzzle together and then came up with a solution to all of our problems and shortcomings. Time. In this book I will go over all of my insights on our time restraints and give many solutions. By the end of the book you will have a better understanding of many things in modern society. This is important for understanding the core fundamentals of being a TimeLord. You will soon see things more clearly and see that all we need is more Time to improve the world. The strength is inside humanity, we just have to free up and give some gifted people more free time.I will carve the first trail and illuminate the path towards being a Timelord. I hope some of you decide to walk with me.


Publication Date
Apr 9, 2023
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jason Roberts



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