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Superheroes: The Novel

ByJason Zimmerman

An Alien Race has come to Earth seemingly seeking one thing: total domination. In a matter of days the Alien Force has destroyed Earth's cities, crippled all major military powers, and shut down our everyday way of life. The world prepares for the end; and three months into the invasion, the Alien Force reveals its true purpose: they come seeking a child. An infant child. The child happens to be the nephew of recently retired Navy SEAL Adam Andrews, a man unwilling to just give up and let the aliens have their way. Now, Andrews must unite his friends and family and prepare them for the greatest battle of their lives. But to be able to defeat such a powerful presence, Andrews is going to have to build a mighty force. To do so, he will have to make some unlikely alliances and slowly become the leader and hero he was destined to be. Andrews leads the transformation as Earth's everyday heroes become the SUPERHEROES needed to save the world, and maybe even the universe...


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jason Zimmerman



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