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Spooky Stateline: Creepy Tales from the Illinois / Wisconsin Border Area Hardcover Edition

ByGary HillDiane Hill

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You might be familiar with Spooky Rockford and Spooky Rockford Two. In a way you can look at this as Spooky Rockford Three, but it moves further out to the whole stateline area this time. This book features both non-fiction and fiction. The non-fiction is from Diane Hill, Gary Hill, Mike Korn and Stephen Osborne. The fiction was created by Gary Hill and Jay Sturner. From tales of a haunted thrift shop in Amboy to the legend of the Kennedy Hill Road, the true story of Rockton's supposed "witch baby grave," a series of monster sightings in Walworth County, Wisconsin to a haunted hotel in Galena and more, you will find lots of spooky tales of the non-fiction variety leading off the book. In terms of fiction, vampires work together to investigate an even greater threat, while two old men with deep secrets meet at a retirement home to reminisce. And those are just a few of the things you will find between the covers of this book. The book features the following tales: Non-Fiction An Amboy Thrift Shop Comes With More Than Bargains by Gary Hill Haunted Farmhouse: Visits to Willow Creek Farm by Stephen Osborne Monroe Wisconsin Is Home to a Historic and Haunted Mansion and Farm by Gary Hill Do Skin-walkers or Nimerigar Prowl Cedarville, Illinois? By Gary Hill The Phantom of Kennedy Hill Road by Gary Hill The Road House - An Oregon, Illinois Restaurant with an Interesting Past and Perhaps Ghosts by Gary Hill An American Werewolf in Wisconsin by Mike Korn Rockton's Wagon Wheel Resort - A Historic Haunt by Gary Hill Gone, But Not Forgotten: East Troy's Haunted Cobblestone Inn by Gary Hill Lawrence House Lake Geneva - A Haunted Home That Was A B&B by Gary Hill Flynn Steakhouse - A Legacy of a Haunted Restaurant in Brodhead, Wisconsin by Gary Hill The Dark Side of Twin Sister's Woods By Diane Hill A Creepy Legend with a Sad Reality - Rockton's Witch Baby Grave by Gary Hill Desoto House - A Galena Hotel with a Rich History (including hauntings) by Gary Hill Is a Freeport Home Haunted By a Presidential Assassin? by Gary Hill Oakhill Cemetery - A Haunted Janesville Burial Ground by Gary Hill My Personal "Vampire Questioning" Experiences by Gary Hill Fiction The Halloween Intervention or Halloween, Cthulhu and Blood Drinkers, Oh My by Gary Hill The Tramp Clown’s Secret by Jay Sturner


Publication Date
Sep 4, 2022
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By (author): Gary Hill, By (author): Diane Hill, By (author): Mike Korn, By (author): Stephen Osborne, By (author): Jay Sturner


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