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Decisive Battles India Lost (326 B. C. to 1803 A. D.)

Decisive Battles India Lost (326 B. C. to 1803 A. D.)

ByJaywant D. Joglekar

This book is on military history of India. This is an aspect of Indian history that has received scanty attention. The political, social, and cultural aspects of Indian history have been more than adequately dealt with by eminent Indian and western scholars. This deficiency is largely responsible for the lack of insight in the real life of India and has produced distorted judgments about things Indian. Those who want to have correct perspective of Indian history must learn the military aspect of Indian history. In this book the following six battles have been described and analyzed 1. The battle of Jhelum. 2. The battle of Tarori. 3. The battle of Kanwa. 4. The battle of Rakshas-Tagadi. 5. The battle of Panipat. 6. The battle of Assaye. The conclusion is that if India wants to remain free and not become a satellite of a bigger power, it must build an indigenously superior weapon-system. Borrowed knowledge and weapons may help overcome temporary deficiency, but it is not a permanent solution.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
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By (author): Jaywant D. Joglekar



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