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The Codex 1, Life As An Angel Saw It

ByJ.B. Hickock

“As a child, I watched as my family was butchered by hellspawn. To witness such a thing is enough to leave your mind in ruins; it left me frightened and alone. But I conquered my fears; I found the strength to resist the demons, and forged myself into a weapon.” “Ever since my youth, I have have known that I was special, and even in my youth I proved myself a prodigy, a possessor of vast power. I learned from masters of the craft and outstripped them all." “The gods are in all things, and their will carries me to this place where fire has struck, burning the lands below and coating the vault of the heaven in darkness. In all things the gods’ will is my own." The Avenger, The Prodigy, and The Hand; what do they have in common? Nothing, except that they are all drawn to the shattered town of Scandia to combat the rising Demons. Nothing, except that they are subjects of prophecy in The Codex, the tome carried by Raakel Seppanen, the book of prophecies on which all depends.


Publication Date
Mar 16, 2014
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): J.B. Hickock



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