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Angels of the Night

A Human Trafficking Murder Mystery

ByJD Erickson

A small, Conservative-Minded City has its detractors. The foremost division proceeds from the perceived existence of an avenging angel by a religious majority. There are those who believe the angel’s intervention and several subsequent deaths is a preposterous invention of a corrupt police department and elected officials. The city is home to an anti-trafficking agency—SAFE—and a runaway victim of a human trafficker invites evil in from a thousand miles away. State officials have kept a wary eye on the violent deaths in the city, and when a massage therapist is found brutally murdered, Police Chief Theodore Storm has no choice but to team up with the State Department of Criminal Investigation. Angel of the Night features an engaging community of characters with a decidedly Midwestern view of the evils encroaching on their city. Do they believe in the existence of the angel? Some say yes and some say maybe, but when human trafficking, drugs, and murder come to town, they won’t say no to Heavenly help.


Publication Date
Jul 27, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): JD Erickson



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