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Journal of Daoist Studies, vol. 7

Journal of Daoist Studies, vol. 7

ByJDS Editors

The Journal of Daoist Studies (JDS) is an annual publication dedicated to the schol-arly exploration of Daoism in all its different dimensions. Contents of vol. 7::: Paul D’Ambrosio—Blending Dao: An Analysis of Images in the Daode jing; Thomas E. Smith—The Many Faces of Master Redpine; David Boyd—The “Other” Dao in Town: Early Lingbao Polemics on Shangqing; Paul Crowe—Dao Learning and the Golden Elixir: Shared Paths to Perfection; P. G. G. van Enckevort, The Three Treasures: An Enquiry into the Writings of Wu Shouyang; Eske Mollgaard—Sage-Knowledge and Equality in the Zhuangzi; E. Leslie Williams—Becoming One with the Dao: Meditation in Daode jing and Dōgen; Kenneth Cohen—Spirit and Life in Balance: Zhao Bizhen’s Lasting Influence on Qigong and the Martial Arts; Ju Keyi & Lü Xianlong—Tiandi jiao: The Daoist Connection; Christopher Cott—Interviewing Daoist Masters; Martin Schönfeld—Laozi and the New Green Paradigm


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Jan 29, 2014
Religion & Spirituality
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