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RiE 2015 - Proceedings

RiE 2015 - Proceedings

ByJean-Daniel DessimozRichard Balogh

RiE international conferences on Robotics in Education provide an insight to state-of-the-art educational robotics to participants from both academic and school education. They report on latest results in research and development as well as new applications, the latest products, systems and components for using robotics in schools, universities and informal education. This 6th RiE Conference happened in a broad context, thematically and geographically. The final round of Eurobot robotics competition was organized this year at Yverdon-les-Bains, as well as the Swiss Robotics Cup and a Robotics competition between local, primary and secondary schools, along with the « Robots:15» festival and Yverdon-les-Bains “Year of Robot” events, activities relating to robots in the realms of art, science, technology, and education. This is also well in line with “Robot-Int”, the Robotics-International initiative to promote robotics for the benefit of mankind, which could make a new step of development during these events.


Publication Date
Jun 23, 2016
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, By (author): Richard Balogh, By (author): David Obdržálek



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