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Murder And Me

ByJeannette HensbyRobin Alexander Eadon

Murder and Me - New updated version that contains a completely new true story In 2018 I was told that, in the mid-nineteenth century, there had been a murder committed in the house that we live in. In the same year, I learned that my husband’s great great great grandfather had been publicly hanged in 1861. I decided to research both of these cases to see what I could find out about them. Remembering that I had a tenuous connection to three other murder cases, I decided to write them all down into a short book. This is it. I hope that you enjoy reading it. Murder On Essendine Crescent A True Story Written by - Robin Alexander Eadon In May of 1965 an atrocious murder took place in a gentle and lovely suburb of Sheffield, on a quiet and peaceful street. Essendine Crescent, which is located in the Norton Lees district of Sheffield. A murder that should never have happened. This is the true story, as it was told, by the man who tried to go to the rescue of poor Margery Windle, from the murderous intentions of her brother, Eric John Windle. This is a sad story that should never have come about. I have written it all down in this short essay, so that this tragedy is not forgotten in the mists of time.


Publication Date
Oct 30, 2023
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By (author): Jeannette Hensby, Other primary creator: Robin Alexander Eadon



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