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Edwin, Adelaide & George: The Bizarre Bartlett Poisoning

ByJeannette Hensby

EDWIN, ADELAIDE AND GEORGE The Bizarre Bartlett Poisoning For more than a hundred years, the bizarre Bartlett poisoning case has fascinated and intrigued people with an interest in true crime stories. It is a case that has long puzzled me, and I decided to look at all the available evidence to see whether the mystery could be solved. After months of research, including looking at work undertaken by a project group at Sheffield University I think that the truth is in there, hidden amongst the myriad of evidence. In this, my second book, I tell the story of the three people in this menage-a-trois, detail the evidence that I uncovered and put forward a new theory to explain this most puzzling of cases. “The author’s conclusions are so precise and logical. Absolutely brilliant!” Margaret Drinkall, Historian and author of more than 30 local history and true crime books.


Publication Date
Oct 31, 2023
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By (author): Jeannette Hensby



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