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The Abdy Farm Murders

Who killed two little girls at Kimberworth?

ByJeannette Hensby

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The Abdy Farm Murders Who killed two little girls at Kimberworth? ‘DEATHBED CONFESSION’ AND VOICES FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE On the 15th of November 1912, two young cousins, ten year old Amy Collinson and seven year old Frances Nicholson were brutally murdered on their way home from a rehearsal for a Christmas concert. Amy had also been raped. A 24 year old man called Walter Sykes was soon arrested, tried and executed, but local people thought that Sykes was innocent and that Amy's foster father, Arthur Collinson, was the perpetrator of this horrendous crime. More than a hundred years later, local people still believe that to be true. The author examines all the evidence to try to answer the question as to who committed the crime. Was it Walter Sykes? Was it Arthur Collinson? Or was it someone else?   The local paper published an article about the book after it was first published and a local man contacted them to say that his father had heard a deathbed confession. A relative of the girls also contacted me with fascinating new information. All this new information is in this updated version of the story.


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Oct 30, 2023
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By (author): Jeannette Hensby


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