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The Devil Rode Across The Moors

Evil True Crimes In Beautiful North Yorkshire

ByJeannette Hensby

The Devil Rode Across The Moors Evil True Crimes In Beautiful North Yorkshire Fully illustrated with over 20 photos After reading my book “North Yorkshire Moors Murders” a lady called Barbara who lives on the moors contacted me. She said that she had researched a number of crimes in the area and that, whilst having no interest in writing a book herself, she would love to see the work in print. What particularly interested me was that she knew relatives of the murder victims in some of the cases and was able to provide information and photographs that have never been in the public domain. We got together and “The Devil Rode Across The Moors” is the result of our collaboration. She shared her time, her research, her “inside knowledge, her photographs and her friendship for which I am truly grateful. The book is finished but our friendship is permanent. "North Yorkshire Moors Murders" is included in full in this new edition of "The Devil Rode Across The Moors". NORTH YORKSHIRE MOORS MURDERS An anthology of true crime ("Heartbeat & Dracula country") "North Yorkshire Moors Murders" is a collection of fascinating true crime stories from this most picturesque part of England. With its quaint market towns, old fishing villages, rugged cliffs tumbling down to sandy beaches and the hidden bays of the East Coast, the stunning beauty of the North Yorkshire countryside and coast is hard to beat. Nowadays many roads criss-cross the area, but in the 19th century, when the crimes in this book were committed, farms and villages were isolated and the beautiful wild moors were the perfect hiding place for those with murder in mind.


Publication Date
Oct 30, 2023
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By (author): Jeannette Hensby



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