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Jeff Brent's Jazz Piano Notebook - Volume 4 of Scot Ranney's "Jazz Piano Notebook Series"

ByJeff Brent

Scot Ranney's "Jazz Piano Notebook" series is a collection of jazz piano books written by Scot Ranney and other jazz pianists. Volume 4 is by Jeff Brent, a jazz pianist, composer, teacher, and author of "Modalogy" and other acclaimed jazz theory and education books. In Volume 4 of the “Jazz Piano Notebook” series Jeff shares detailed analysis of transcriptions of live performances. He covers everything from the shape of the songs to the tricks and licks he uses in improvised lines to the ideas behind his lush chord voicings. Almost all of the numbers in Jeff Brent’s Jazz Piano Notebook are transcriptions and analysis of live performances. By presenting you with some of his soloing ideas and comping techniques, it’ll give you ideas for your own improvisational journey through common jazz progressions. Level: Intermediate to advanced. Minimum requirements: Know how to read piano sheet music and be willing to practice. PDF edition.


Publication Date
Dec 7, 2017
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By (author): Jeff Brent



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