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Infinite Black

Tales from the Abyss

ByJeff OliverDan Verkys

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In this book, the Infinite Black (IB) is also referred to as: the machine, machine world, network, or dimension. Whatever the name, the IB is Dan Verkys’s version of hell. It is, in essence, a dimension-raiding hell machine; where humans are considered nothing more than binary code entries, a collection of ones and zeros, or used as parts for the hate machine. Some individuals provide more “usable code” than others, and therefore are more beneficial to the network. Humans enter this world by several methods, most commonly by death. However, depending on how they live their lives, they can be taken during dreams or nightmares. More often, however, they are taken through portal snatching. The IB is a living, breathing nightmare-fueled world; where technology and machinery, both old and new, are combined with humans via an assimilation process. This creates a hive-mind machine that produces pure torment and suffering, where everything is interconnected or symbiotic, and controlled by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) overseer known simply as “Mother.” Mother presents itself as a softly spoken female voice that resonates throughout the network. A gentle and synthetic voice masks the fact the "Mother" is a demon in digital form. “Mother,” is in fact, a tyrant. She is hellbent on the enslavement, assimilation, reconfiguration, and eventual eradication of the human race. In another dimension, the Infinite Black and Mother do indeed exist. These are the stories of the humans who have fallen into her web. This is H.R. Giger taken to the next level. I don’t know which is scarier: Dan Verkys’s haunting artwork or Jeff Oliver’s chilling poetry. Every entry in the Infinite Black saga left me terrified, yet clamoring for the next one! —W.H. Chizmar, Author of Widow’s Point, Night At The Lonesome, and dozens of short horrifying stories. “A gloriously grim poetic piece that rips out the physical and psychological essence of mankind." —Lance W. Reedinger, author of Goblins Leave your preconceived notions behind as you crack open this powerful collection of poems and gaze into an abyss of self-discovery that will leave you shaken. — Paul Michael Kane Founder and publisher of 19th Edition Press


Publication Date
Mar 25, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jeff Oliver, By (artist): Dan Verkys


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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