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Slave Rising

The Chronicles of Darius Book One

ByJess Thomas

Darius, doesn’t know his last name, only that he is an adopted son of a king, and that should be lucky, it should be. Brought to take care of his two older brothers also collected by the king, they fight for normalcy under a cruel father. On a trip back from a campaign, Darius hears a far-off sound that will throw him into a world he didn’t know existed. Become aware of a man whom he will forever create the love of the ages with and obtain a title that will lead him beyond his wildest imagination. The journey has to start somewhere, and Darius’s has just begun. This isn’t a one-time book where you get a taste of another’s life and are left wanting more. You will find clues, nuances, and subtleties to future events. You will become part of his world, written in first person with about seventy percent dialog. It is written to include the reader and make you part of his life. Content Warning: This story includes talk of dubious consent, violence, and scenes of an explicit, adult nature between consenting adults and is intended only for an 18+ audience.


Publication Date
May 18, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jess Thomas



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