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The New Bible

ByJesus Christ

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God’s unfathomable Eternal Wisdom knows no bounds! God would be neither eternal nor infinite if there were any limitations in His Creation. God’s eternal love pours into the infinite universe and flows through this New Bible to all His children on this Earth in an inconceivable abundance of grace, from which every individual should draw that which will ignite him with the most fervent and merciful love, which in turn will lead him into His Heaven, the Kingdom of Eternal Love. And so it cannot be otherwise than that The New Bible has been revealed through the direct Word of God As the continuation of the Old and New Testaments, it completes these to form a Holy Trilogy. The New Bible is the Holy Spirit’s effusion of mercy for mankind, as prophesied in the old Bible, providing a spiritual foundation for the New Era of Love, Truth and Justice. Just as the NEW TESTAMENT belongs to the OLD TESTAMENT and only together make up the BIBLE known until now, it is God’s Holy Will that the present Bible be completed through this NEW BIBLE for the New Era on Earth, thus forming the Holy Trilogy. THE OLD TESTAMENT - THE NEW TESTAMENT - THE NEW BIBLE Mankind did not, on the basis of what is written in the Old Testament or the New Testament, succeed in maturing to the point where it could take the direct path to God, even though this was rendered possible by the Lord’s Work of Redemption in Jesus Christ, which opened up the one, true way to God. Had it acquired the necessary maturity, mankind itself would, through its life in God’s eternal love, have written the most living New Bible for time and eternity as testimony to the fact that it was fulfilling God’s eternally holy and perfect will. Things being as they are, however, God the Lord was forced to intervene in the events on this Earth not only to save mankind from its certain, self-imposed ruin, but at the same time to guide it on the path to the ultimate goal of creation for all of the people on this earth: that they become a perfect image of God.


Publication Date
Feb 21, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jesus Christ


Perfect Bound
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Black & White
Novella (5 x 8 in / 127 x 203 mm)

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