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You Are the Poem

may we continue to learn and embrace the contents of each other’s hearts

ByJill Sharon Kimmelman

Welcome to You Are The Poem, a four-themed collection of poems, timeless love, an eclectic mix, looking back, & poetic gifts: inspiration & wisdom gained from my poetic journey A gift of my heart, poems of celebration, joy, hope, bonds of precious friendship & sisterhood, bridges built with our love language, a treasure for passionate foodies & photography. Jill Sharon Kimmelman is an outstanding poet & writer. I respect her writing skills so much. Her poetry style has motivated me to give more than my best to my reading audience. On the other hand, Jill & Tim are a blessing as members of our extended family over the seas in Africa, Nigeria. The world & poetry communities are about to welcome a gift from the heart of this noble poet. Richard O. Ogunmodede, Author of Dual Existence & Poet ... Poetries are powerful spoken words, often sound like enchantment, they have the power to bring people closer together. I'm proud to be a noble poet. It is the bond that connected me to my dear mentor, Jill Sharon Kimmelman. Her wealth of experience has enriched my poetry. Age, color, distance is never a consideration in our unique relationship. Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede, Nigerian teen author of two books & poet. To you, the reader of You Are the Poem: May you find inspiration, joy, love, laughter, & words that resonate with the soul. For Jill Sharon Kimmelman writes from a place in which even the deepest abyss can feel. Touching on subjects that enlighten, strengthen, & embrace the core being within… Her words always bring sincere smiles to the heart. I am honored to know her not only as a poet sister, but as my friend. Lynn Long Internationally Award-Winning Poet & Photographer, Founder of Poetic Musings Ezine ... To the author: Jill, in my humble opinion, you can sit beside Amanda Gorman & the other greats—same height & stature without a doubt! Your expressions are second to none. The literary world is in for a treat with Jill Sharon Kimmelman’s You Are the Poem. Jill’s authentic voice had me at Hello! The first time I heard Jill recite one of her poems, I was moved to tears. Jill Sharon Kimmelman opens her soul & takes you on a three-dimensional journey. Every delightful poem is a story that you willingly embrace. Whether happy or sad, every expression is uplifting in its own way. Your senses will rejoice when you experience the voice of Jill Sharon Kimmelman & see her beautiful pictures serve as perfect complements. In my humble opinion, You Are the Poem


Publication Date
Mar 21, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jill Sharon Kimmelman



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